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"Why Don't They Use Black Actors?"


"Why Don't They Use Black Actors?"

Gregory V. Boulware
Victor Mature, like many other White actors, who've portrayed Black character figures, played Hannibal, Demetrius, Samson, and a few other Roman era personalities. His skin paled, even with a sun-tan, against the Italian actors' darker skin color during a dueling scene in the movie. What about Cleopatra? That beauty was African born. She was an Ethiopian Princess portrayed and supposedly made famous by white actress, Elizabeth Taylor.

The movie rekindled the question as to why - why don't they use Black actors to portray Black characters?

Orson Welles has portrayed many a Black caricature during his reign in the movie making industry. Laurence Olivia also played the famous Moor (a native of Morocco, of mixed race: Arabic and Berber origin - a Moslem settled in North Africa, one of those who invaded Spain in the 8th century - one who is a descendent of these people), Othello. Remember him? They were not the only Black men exposed to beauty outside their particular family oriented groups. Like Brother Jack Johnson, he dared to love, make love to, and marry a white woman in a white mans dominion. Both women in the historical adaptation of 'Hannibal and the Shakespearean Othello' were Italian beauties. Unlike Hannibal, Othello became more than infatuated with his woman. It drove him to murder. Italian directors, producers, and movie makers also distinguished themselves as white folk too - so-called superior or master race on the planet. We all know that's a load of bull, donkey, cat, dog, horse, elephant, crow, and frog manure, don't we? The belief that white people are the dominant species, aka the master race, of human being is prepostererous. Adam was warned by God to stay clear of the children of Cain. They did not. The offspring of the first man did go out among the forbidden people and fornicate and multiply. The blending of the two peoples was foreshadowed by events to follow. Were there not multiple masses of conquerors' across the African continent? Did they not take into custody slaves of every kind? A few of them would have to have been among the lighter complected humans, i.e., the Romans, the Greeks, the Turks, and of course, the English and the people of colder climates yes? Think not? What other types of people could there have been in these biblical and ancient times. How many continents exist on this planet? How many and what kind of people existed on those continents? The only logical conclusion would be migration from the only place that man has originated - AFRICA! There was a time when I could not understand why the white world went to such great lengths to mask the most important and total significance of the Black Man's (and Woman's) role and accomplishments on this massive planet of land dominated by water and belonging to God. The thing to do is eradicate the language, the customs, cut off communication with familiar persons, and reduces their importance by humiliation, degradation, and a sense of hopelessness and dependence upon another for survival.

Hebrew is a culture, a of the oldest languages in the world. Hebrew was used in writing the Old Testament in the Holy Bible. Hebrew is one of Semitic languages among the nations of the Ancient Middle Eastern Societies. Among the nations included were Africa, Assyria, Babylonia, Canaan, and Ethiopia. Many would have us believe that Hebrew People were not Black at all. They would have us believe that only white people can only be Hebrew and/or Jewish. One does not have to be white or Jewish in order to belong to the Hebrew way of life.

Is it not true that Africa was the land in the beginning of the world?

Is it not true that all life on the planet Earth began in Africa? It's been proven again and again, that all life, including 'Human Life' began in Africa! In Africa the first civilization infrastructures blossomed, yes?

So why is it that these film makers, historians, and story tellers continue to lie? Why don't they use Black Actors and Pictures to show the World that the characters, heroes, and heroines were all Black?

Carthage was an ancient city-state of North Africa. They fought and lost three wars against Rome. Hannibal was the great Carthaginian general who is remembered for his courage and military skills. Hannibal's father, Hamilcar Barca, had suffered a crushing defeat in the first Punic War. As a boy, Hannibal swore a sacred oath of revenge against the Romans. Hannibal was twenty-six years of age when he commanded the Carthaginian army in Spain. He conceived a bold plan to invade and conquer Rome by marching his army and a horde of huge elephants across the snow-covered Alps. This most dangerous route caused his Spanish employers to wonder if they had the right commander. The Romans laughed at him for this concept. They laughed until their armies were defeated and Italy lay at their feet. Thousands of men and animals meet their deaths on this adventurous journey. Hannibal won a series of victories along the way. The greatest of these was the battle of Cannae in 216 B. C. His plan was to separate the city of Rome from the rest of Italy by conquering the small towns surrounding her. However, the people of Rome remained steadfast, diligent, and loyal to her. Hannibal could not overcome or overthrow this hostile country. Early on, Hannibal's brother, Hasdrubal was killed. This occurred in 207 B. C. while he was supposed to be delivering reinforcements to his conquering brother. That delivery was postponed by the attacking Romans at the Metaurus River north of Rome. They flung Hasdrubal's head into Hannibal's camp. This message along with the inability to conquer Rome, Hannibal took his outnumbered remnants of fleeing forces back to the mountains.

Carthage was threatened by Roman legions in 203 B. C. At Zama, not far from Carthage, Hannibal suffered his final defeat. Carthage became a territory of Rome and Hannibal was its civic ruler when he was called back to North Africa. Wealthy citizens of Carthage became angered with the taxes he collected for the Roman Empire. They plotted against him by convincing Roman senators that he was planning a new attack on Rome. The word got back to Hannibal and he fled to Bithynia, ruled by King Prusias. The Romans found him there, in Asia Minor. Hannibal ended his own life, like Queen Cleopatra, with poison. He vowed to never be captured by his enemies - the people who hated him as much as he hated them.

Albeit, Hanukkah is a Jewish religious festival of great joy, it celebrates two important events in the history of Judaism. The amazing victory of the Jews over King Antiochus along with his Syrian armies, and the rededication in 165 B. C. of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem to its original use - The Worship of God.

Pigs were sacrificed on the Temple Alter, in Jerusalem by the vile and vicious King. The Jews rebelled and refused to worship pagan gods. The Syrian King killed hundreds of Jews for their steadfast loyalty to God. Matthias lived in the little town of Modin. He was the first leader of the revolt against the pagans. Along with his five sons, was Judah (Judas) Maccabee; he took his stand against the Syrians. Followers rushed to join them in the first struggle for freedom of religious worship. Victory came to the small and poorly equipped army in 165 B. C. They recaptured all of Jerusalem. The holy Temple was cleansed of idols and rededicated with feasting and great joy. The Menorah recalls the miracle that occurred during the temple's rededication. There was only enough oil to burn for only one lasted for eight.

Hebrews differs in many ways from the Indo-European family of languages spoken in the Western world. The Hebrew alphabet is made up of twenty-two consonants. Vowels, if shown, are indicated by small marks below and sometimes above the letters. Additionally, Hebrew writing runs from right to left just as it does in the Holy Qur'an. The last page of the book is where the text begins while in English-European text, reading is left to right and the first page being the beginning. Hebrew has no relationship with English. There are no words common to both languages. The few Hebrew words borrowed by English come from the Bible and are generally connected with religion. A few of the words are "Seraph," "Cherub," "Sabbath," "Jubilee," "Mesiah," "Amen," and "Hallelujah." Like other Semitic languages, Hebrew has a special way of building vocabulary from roots, or word stems. These roots, made up of three letters, allow an amazing variety of meanings. These three general letters are G-D-L, as in 'Gedulah' for greatness.

Although we speak of the Bible as a "Book," it is a collection of varied writings in prose and poetry, rather than a single book. Many different people over a period of centuries wrote the Bible. The part of the Bible called the Old Testament is sacred to the Jews. The Old Testament is the earliest and greatest achievement of Hebrew literature. Spain was the scene of the one truly great period of medieval Hebrew literature. It lasted from the 11th to the 14th century. Islamic Spain, at that time had the most highly developed culture in the West. Spanish Jews wrote Hebrew poems that were very much like Arabic poems of the time. They used the same forms and many of the same subjects and methods of expression. The result was brilliantly original poetry.

Now explain to me why they would want to keep this secret from the world. "A New World Order?" or simply wanting to be noted and recognized as the first of liars while clinging to the foolish notion of having the only keys to enlightenment and knowledge - a 'master race?' please...spare me the idiocy. So come on moguls, put the rightful characters in the books, on the movie and television screens for Our Children, Our Young Adults, and the World to see.

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